nedelja, 18. november 2007

Another teen beauty

hey, yesterday after work, I received a call from my ex school mate, that his girlfriend need some photos for book. I had time, so I couldn't say no, I packed my stuff and went to Škofljica. We improvised studio but without lights, just my Sigma DG 500 Super was the only "photo" light I had. I'm again pretty pleased with photos, I love my new 40D ;) I took shots with Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 at aperture value of 4 and canon lens 50mm 1.4 at aparture value of 2.2.. So, what do you think ? I know they'r all alittle over exposured, but i wanted to come out with something like that.

p.s. on 40D, Sigma flash works soo slow, damn, I need 580EX II ;)
Here are the photos, c&c are wellcome:

nedelja, 04. november 2007

more B&W photos from Sara

Here you have guys ;) tomorrow I will print it to actually see it on the paper and than put it in album ;) C&C wellcome..


četrtek, 01. november 2007

Sara, teenage beauty ;)

Yesterday, I was shooting Sara again. The first reason for shooting was to try my new camera Eos 40D and 70-200 f/4 L lens. I'm really impressed of dynamic range of 40D and sharpness of mentioned lens. We decided to shot some early winter shots and we both were pretty pleased with final result. Here you have teaser shots ;) :